Living Springs Camera Download and Playback

Monday, June 8, 2020

12:28 PM


  1. Open web browser and log into camera system. 
  2. Go to playback Choose Camera on left. 


  1. Set Playback time


  1. Press Play then scissors to start clip. Let it run until you have the footage you need then press scissors again to stop clip.  
  2. File will save to this location automatically   C:\Users\"user name"\Web\PlaybackFiles\"date"
  3. Go to this folder to find your file. Once at this location you will see the file but will need to convert the file to a format your computer can playback. 
  4. Once you have the file you will need to convert the file to AVI.  To convert the file to an AVI so you can view it go to  Click Choose File. 


  1. Find the file you want to convert and choose it. This will be in the  ( C:\Users\"user name"\Web\PlaybackFiles\"date" )   Click open. 
  2. Change Type of file to Video-AVI  
  3. Now Click convert and wait for file to convert then download file.