***It is important that you leave your computer on every night. This will allow the backup to run during the evening hours. If you would like the back up to shut your computer down after the backup is finished please let us know and we can set that up for you. *****  

How to check your Express Backup settings for proper run times.

1    1. Open the Express Backup software by double clicking the icon in the tray at the bottom right. 

2. Once the Express Backup Software opens navigate to the left side under scheduler. Click on scheduler and look in the bottom right corner for the View and manage all scheduled jobs. 

3. In the next screen you want to confirm that the schedule is running at the appropriate times and dates for your location. If you are having slow internet during business hours I recommend you set a Cut-off Time. This will stop the backup if it is not complete by the time you specify. This will help save bandwidth and the backup will resume again at the next start up time. This option is recommended during the first backup period. Once your system is fully backed up to the cloud all future backups will happen very fast.

Make your changes and then click the x at the top right corner. Click the x at the next top right corner and you are finished.