1. Go to www.expresscomputer.biz/downloads
  2. Click on the Downloads ECS Support- This will download the correct version Windows or Mac.

  3. When you click the link you will be redirected to Team Viewer web site to get the most current version. The program should start to download.

  4. When it is finished downloading click the arrow at the top right of Safari to access teh downloaded file.

  5. Click the "Install TeamViewerHost File to start the installation. 

  6. Click Continue on next page too

  7. Click Continue on license Agreement

  8. Agree to the user license. 

  9. Click Continue button on next page to agree to the installation location.

  10. Click Install on next page to continue.

  11. It will ask for your computer password to allow installation and click the Install Software. 

  12. Installation will begin.

  13. When install completes chose close.

  14. The Setup process will now start. Click continue.

  15. **** IMPORTANT*** The password for this screen will be provided by the tech. Please use this password or you will not be joined to Express Computer Team Viewer Account.

  16. Click Finish.

  17. Next will be the information screen. Click OK on this screen.

  18. Navigate to the top right section of your mac and you should see the following icon. 

  19. Click this icon to “Show status dialog”
  20. Last you will see your Team Viewer ID. Please provide this to the Express Computer Tech.