Updated Anti-Virus Info. 

The new antivirus is a little more protective of your computer. This is necessary for some of the newer viruses we have been experiencing.

It is important that you read the info when the Emsisoft antivirus blocks a program and asks you what you would like to do.

Sometimes these items are legit and need to be allowed other times it will be a virus and you should block it. If you are unsure Quarantine is the safe thing to choose. If it was a virus your computer will be safe. If it was not a virus we can restore the file.

PDF’s can be one of the most dangerous things to open. They can contain viruses. If you are opening a PDF or surfing the web and a pop up from Emsisoft blocks something before you allow it please read over it.

Some of your programs require elevated privileges to run causing the antivirus to think its acting like a virus. If this happens do the following.

Antivirus is only as strong as the user. Please read all warnings and ask Express Computer Service if you are not sure about a pop up.

1. If Emsisoft pop up comes up and warns you of an issue please read the info under view details. 

2. If the file is something you recognize and want to allow it you can choose Allow Always. This will tell the program never to block this program.  If you do not recognize the program choose QUARANTINE if it was a legit program it will allow us to restore it if it was a virus it will be stopped from infecting the computer.


3. Once you train the program it will learn the program you use and should not continue to ask.