The best way to know if your backup is completing is the daily report that will show up at the bottom of your screen. This report will show what was backed up from the night before. 

It will also show failures and if the back up did not finish. 

The screen shot below shows many things.  

1. Files considered for backup is the amount of files on your computer that are listed to be backed up. Not every file gets backed up. We want to back up data only. Programs and operating system files can be restored in other ways, if we exclude those files it makes the backup faster and allows us to have enough off site storage. 

2. Files already present in your account. These are the files that are already in your backup. Any file that has not been changed or edited does not need to be backed up again. 

3. Files backed up. These are the new files backed up. If you are just starting your backup it will take a while to complete the list of files.(Backup time is limited to your internet speed)  Once a full backup of all your data has been uploaded to the servers other backups will be just new and edited files. This will make other backups happen very quickly. 

4. In this section you can also see things like BACKUP FAILURES. Sometimes the backup can fail if your internet was down or a program was running blocking the backup to run. 

***** Typically a 1 time fail is nothing to be concerned about. If the backup fails multiple times please contact Express Computer Service so we can determine the issue and resolve it for you. ****** 

To check further into the backup and look at the logs you can do the following. 

1. Open the backup software by going to the taskbar and double clicking the backup icon. 

2. Now click on view logs at the top right. 

3. The logs will show both Backup and Continuous Backup. The continuous backup is running in the background every 30-60 mins backing up new files recently created or edited. The backup refers to the full nightly backup.