Offsite backup service is new to most users and there are somethings you should be aware of when you start the service. 

The first backups will take the longest, depending on how many files you have it could take 1 day or 1 month. This limitation is also based off the internet speed you are using. Users do not realize that most internet speed is lopsided in its speed. If you download at 10mbps your upload may only be 1mbps. This is a 10 to 1 ratio. Meaning if you download a video from netflix and it took 20 mins to download it this same file would take you over 200 mins to upload that same file. If you have 1 song that you want to backup an average song is 5mb to upload this will take about 1.5 min if you have a 1000 of these songs it will take 1500 mins. 

Once the first full backup is completed all other backups will happen much faster.  

To make backups fast and efficient and to keep costs low backups contain your files and folders but do not include programs and operating system files. 

It is important that if you add files, folders or new programs outside the normal user profile you contact Express Computer Service to confirm your data is being backed up. If you keep your files in the standard user profile the files will be backed up. 

To Add Folders or Files to Your Backup.

1. Open Backup Software. 

2. Once open choose Change. 

3. Now put a check mark in any folder you would like to backup. Then click the ok button.