Installing ECS Support Software.



1 1. Open a browser and navigate to

    2. Left side of the page you will find 3 download options. Choose the first one. “Download ECS Support.” 

3 3. Click the “Run ECS Support” Button and run the installation file. Remote 2 2014

44. Once the program starts to install choose “Next”

5 5. Next page please choose “both of the above” and click next.

6 6. Accept the License Agreement and click next. 

8 7. Please enter the password ecs888498 in both password fields and click the finish button. 

9 8. Click the Finish button. 

10. Click Allow and finish

11. Last Step is to send your ECS Tech the ID for your computer. 


       Once the installation is complete you will see the final screen. It will show Your ID. Please make a note of this for the tech and click OK.

Express Computer Host is now installed on your computer and will allow your tech to remote in and work on your computer while you watch everything we do.


Thank you 

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